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Econ Book Website Usage Explanation

First, be sure your browser has Adobe Acrobat as a plugin, and that you have it set to open in a new window, rather than as a download.


Ninth Grade Economics
Online Student Edition Instructions
To get straight to the textbook
1) Go to
2) Enter the access code:
a. CB04189EEE
3) You’re In

To get to the Interactive Games, Quizzes, Tutorials, as well as the online edition:
The Easy Way:
1) Go to
2) Then click on Student Center
3) You’re In
4) Use the access code above to get into the student edition. You don’t need the code to get into the games and such.

The Hard Way:
1) Go to Glencoe.Com
2) Select Michigan from the drop down box
3) Select Student/Parent button
4) Select Social Studies from the drop down box
5) Click Enter
6) This takes you to a new page.
7) Select Economics
8) Select Previous Editions under Economics Today and Tomorrow
9) Select 2008
10) Choose Enter Student Center
11) Choose Online Student Edition
12) This takes you to a new page.
13) Enter the access code
a. CB04189EEE
b. Click Submit


Econ Chapter 8 Questions Sections 1, 2 and 3

Econ Chapter 8 Questions Sections 1, 2, and 3
For review.


Caveman Supply and Demand


Supply and Demand Explained The Easy Way


Supply and Demand Graphing Explanation


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